Lalita’s purpose is to support Aurora Community, spreading a more sustainable, meaningful, loving and happier lifestyle through yoga and meditation.

Permaculture 900

The project is located in Aurora, at 900 meters altitude, and is growing every passing day! It is a life and learning center of experimentation and implementation of the basic principles and ethics of permaculture in the region: earth care, people care and fair share.

Communities Convergence

” To converge is an ancient custom; it means to reunite, to reconnect, to share, to celebrate, to cooperate, to learn, to support, to dream and act as a single community that speaks with the same voice and loves as one heart! What is the greatest joy in life if not to share its miracles with others?”
The 2nd Danube Convergence edition was hosted by Aurora Community, Romania, and happened from 18 to 24 August 2014.

Terra Livre

Terra Livre is a Movement for the liberation of the land that aims to create greater awareness on the sacredness of the Land and the role of humans as Earth Guardians, bringing to the individual and collective consciousness the need to review terms such as “owner�? and “ownership.�?
To manifest the dream Terra Livre strives to:

  • raise funds to support the emergence and encourage the development of community managed projects who wish to buy land, endorsing and subscribing the principles and values of Terra Livre.
  • welcome people and projects who wish to endorse and subscribe to the principles and values of Terra Livre.
  • create awareness and campaigns for endangered land.